Licensed Cadet Intern Program

This 40-hour course is designed to provide training for potential instructors in the quality methods of instruction that are used to teach and assess level of competence of seafarers in a traditional classroom environment at a teaching institution ashore or in a shipboard environment. Familiarization with the accepted methods of quality instruction, these being applied to seafarer learning, so that the instructor candidate has a better idea of how to efficiently assess, teach, maintain student focus and properly deal with other learning environment distractions. A person meeting the entry standards is given the course of instruction prior to developing and teaching one lecture and one practical / assessment lesson in a class that is conducted at the Calhoon MEBA Engineering School.


Course Capacity: 5 students

Prerequisites: None

Special Requirements: None

USCG Approval: Any applicant who has successfully completed our Train the Trainer (MEBAMD-597) course will satisfy the Train the Trainer and Assessor training requirements of 46 CFR 10.402(b)(2)(iii)(A), 10.405(a)(1) and 46 CFR 10.407(c)(5)(i), and the requirement for instructors and assessors as stated in Section A-I/6, paragraph 7, of the STCW Code, as amended 2010 and the guidance regarding Qualified Instructors as stated in NVIC 03-14, and Qualified Assessors as stated in NVIC 19-14.