Electrical Self-Assessment Test

For Upper Level Electrical and Electronics Courses


  • Marine Electrical Systems
  • Marine Electric Propulsion
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

The upper level electrical and electronics courses offered at the school now include only very brief reviews of fundamental electrical concepts or no review at all.
Entrants for these courses are expected to possess a basic electrical knowledge. Students that are unsure of their ability to meet this expectation should take the basic electrical self-assessment test provided through the links below.

This exam is intended to be a self-assessment in order to determine your level of competence in the areas of fundamental electrical concepts and use of basic test equipment. It is the responsibility of the prospective student to objectively determine whether they currently have the knowledge and skills necessary for entry into the upper level courses listed above. This exam will aid in making that determination. The upper level courses will contain only a brief review of electrical concepts or in some cases no review at all. Students enrolling in these courses are expected to possess a fundamental electrical background. Answers are supplied in a separate PDF file.

Electrical Self-Assessment Exam   Answer Key


Prospective students for upper level electrical and electronics courses should be capable of passing the electrical self-assessment test with a minimum score of 80%.