Course Schedules

Yes, the USCG reports that MMCs are now being endorsed with all STCW endorsements for which the mariner is qualified. Until December 31, 2016, these endorsements will be automatically included at renewal if you have 12 months of sea service in the last five years. After that date, mariners must demonstrate continued competence through the appropriate combination of sea service and training. In addition, in order for your Chief Engineer STCW endorsement to be valid after December 31, 2016, you will need to complete training in leadership and managerial skills, engine resource management, and management of electrical and electronic control equipment.

By the Trustees' direction, the CMES course selections and frequencies give priority to these new STCW courses.  As applications are received and rosters fill, more instances will be added to accommodate the school's training obligation.  Further, the Trustees have approved tuition-reimbursement for all STCW-related training when successfully completed at an alternate location by a USCG-approved training provider.

The term "Qualified Assessor" (QA) is defined in 46 CFR 10.107 as “a person who is qualified to evaluate, for STCW endorsements, whether an applicant has demonstrated the level of competence in the task for which the assessment is being made. This person must be individually approved by the Coast Guard or through a Coast Guard approved or accepted course or program of training.” CMES is developing a QA Course and will submit it to the USCG for review.

The USCG reports that the course completion certificates for these three courses are valid for 5 years.

Leading up to 1/1/2017, the USCG will accept assessment signed by mariners that hold an appropriate national endorsement equal to, or superior to, the relevant level of knowledge, skills, and abilities being assessed.  After 1/1/2017, a Qualified Assessor must witness the demonstration of competency.