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This one-week course instructs students in the operation of Electronic Chart Display and Information System. This navigation system uses electronic methods to display the charts in use aboard the vessel as well as providing navigational information useful to the mariner that is ordinarily maintained in publications. Using this technology the mariner will be capable of creating, adjusting and monitoring their position and course line. By employing the updating capabilities the electronic charts are kept up to date and accurate. Radar and other navigational systems can also be integrated with the ECDIS to provide an enhanced awareness of the vessel position and traffic condition.


Course Capacity: 12 students

Prerequisites: None

Special Requirements: None

USCG Approval: Any applicant who has successfully completed our Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) (MEBAMD-179) course will satisfy the ECDIS training requirements within 46 CFR 11.305; 46 CFR 11.307; 46 CFR 11.309; 46 CFR 11.311; 46 CFR 11.313; 46 CFR 11.315; 46 CFR 11.317; 46 CFR 11.319; and 46 CFR 11.321; AND; the specific tasks from the National Assessment Guidelines found in NVIC 10-14 and 11-14 (Tasks 6.1.A-6.7.A), NVIC 12-14 (Tasks 1.4.C, 1.4.D, 4.1.A, and 4.2.A) and NVIC 13-14 (Task 1.7.A). Applicants are not required to present Task Completion sheets when requesting a STCW endorsement.