Course Schedules

This one-week course has an intended audience of those individuals at the technical-management level with responsibilities for one or more aspects of purchasing or receiving electric power from a shore-side facility – these include: contracting, installation, repair, operation, maintenance, technical supervision, training, or financial oversight.

The course is strongly technical in nature and covers: 3-phase power systems at the LV and MV levels; US Navy and commercial standard connector arrangements; protective relaying concepts; instrument transformers; grounding; traditional & modern revenue-grade metering; and modern industry billing and revenue practices.  Low and high-side injection, phasors, DLRO, insulation resistance, IR surveys, and other specialized equipment and tools are demonstrated.  The SPM course also includes marine-related topics of accelerated corrosion from hull currents caused by power system interactions; and the basics of Power Quality (PQ) to include the measurement and effects of harmonics and other abnormalities in power system voltages and load currents.

A field exercise utilizing the School’s 1 MVA transformer is part of syllabus.


Course Capacity: 12 students

Prerequisites: Basic electrical and math skills. A pre-course study guide, evaluation exercise, and answer key are available, and it is HIGHLY recommended that anyone considering attending this course review the study guide and take the evaluation exercise prior to applying for this class.

SPM Study Guide  Answer Key

Special Requirements: None