MEBA Students - Admissions Procedures



All MEBA members are afforded equal access to the courses offered at the Calhoon MEBA Engineering School once course eligibility standards have been met.



If the course you applied for is not full and all eligibility requirements have been met, you will be registered for that course.  If the course is full, you will be placed on a standby waiting list for that course.

After your course application has been processed, you will receive by mail a Student Schedule. Please note the following concerning the Student Schedule:

  • The Student Schedule is a complete record of your submitted course applications for the calendar year.  It will indicate one of 3 statuses for each course listed: (1) Registered - completed and upcoming course registrations; (2) Standby - courses for which you have been placed on Standby status, either as a result of the class being filled, or your already having 2 active course applications for the sememster, or your employer has insufficient training-week allocation to cover the length of the class; OR (3) Dropped - courses which you have been previously registered into or placed on Standby status for which you have subsequently dropped (cancelled) are all listed collectively.
  • You will receive an updated Student Schedule if: (1) your status on any course application changes from Standby to Registered; or (2) you have previously submitted a course application(s) in a given calendar year, and a subsequent course application(s) is/are submitted.
  • You are considered enrolled in any class for which you have a Registered status unless the Registrar's office receives notification to the contrary -- no confirmation of attendance is necessary for a Registered class.  If you are unable to attend an upcoming class for which you are registered, you must contact the Registrar no less than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the class.

CMES will not accept any course applications by telephone.  All course applications must be submitted by one of the following methods:

  • By personal delivery
  • By regular U.S. mail
  • By Fax to our admissions office at (410) 822-7220
  • By email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This method requires an electronic copy of your completed application to be attached as a PDF file.
  • By filling out our website Electronic Application Form

You must make a separate written application for each desired course.  Please fill out the application completely.  Missing information will delay your registration for the desired course.  All submitted application forms must be signed by the student except for website applications.



Requirements to attend the Calhoon MEBA Engineering School:

  1. Member in good standing with District No. 1, MEBA
  2. 30 days of covered employment under the Training Plan, including days of paid vacation from the MEBA Vacation Plan, within the 12 months prior:
    1. to the start date of a class at Calhoon MEBA Engineering School or other approved school; or
    2. to the date of the class application for Calhoon MEBA Engineering School courses only
  3. Be assigned to a qualified Employer for which the Officer worked the highest number of days in the six months preceding the month in which the Officer submits an application to attend training courses at the School; a qualified Employer for purposes of this requirement is an Employer that has sufficient training-week allocation to cover the length of the class.  (See the Eligibility for Training section below for additional details.)

In the event a participant does not meet these requirements, he/she will be notified by the School Registrar.  At that time he/she can contact the Registrar to determine other options that may be available.



Starting in 2013, each Training Plan participant will be assigned to the employer for which the participant worked the most days in the 6 calendar months preceding the month in which the participant submitted the application.

For courses starting on or after February 1, 2013, each employer will be allocated a number of weeks of training to be available for the participants assigned to it, based on the employer's projected contributions to the Training Plan for the calendar year.  If the number of weeks allocated to an employer has been exhausted, participants assigned to such employer will not be approved for training courses unless:

  1. an employer elects to make additional contributions to cover the cost of the training or the participant elects to pay the costs of such training; or
  2. if the course is unrelated to work for the employer for which the participant is assigned and will qualify the participant to work for another employer (or employers), the participant will be permitted to attend the course provided the participant signs an agreement (under which the participant agrees to pay for the actual cost of training if the participant does not go to work for such other employer within (i) 12 months of completing a course requiring an annual certification or (ii) 24 months of all other courses, unless the participant diligently seeks such work and is not hired for such position through no fault of the participant).

Approval of applications for courses will require that the course be related to the participant's job or a job in which the participant will seek to work.

Notwithstanding the above rules, the Training Plan will reimburse participants for up to $1,200 per year for off-site tuition costs for courses the School determines are STCW related.



On the first day of the course you must have in your possession and produce for inspection the following documents:

  • current dues receipt and discharges
  • photo identification
  • copies of receipts if you have driven more than 400 miles



To allow equal access, no more than four (4) course applications for classes may be submitted per semester.

  • Two of these applications will be registered for the selected course (space permitting), and the remaining two course applications will be placed on the standby list for the selected course.
  • When submitting several applications simultaneously, it is important for the member to specify each application's priority in the space provided on the application form.



To enable CMES to maximize the utilization of our resources and fulfill the training needs of all students, it is very important that you notify us as soon as you know you will be unable to attend a class for which you are registered. To cancel your enrollment in a course, please phone, fax, or write to the school. You, your spouse, or another designated person can notify the school. To authenticate your cancellation, we will need to know the course(s) being cancelled.



We process thousands of applications during a single year. Our aim is always to provide the most efficient service possible to our students. Your adherence to our established registration policies contributes to our efficiency and is greatly appreciated.

Many students call the school to learn that a particular course is full and therefore do not forward an application. Please file an application for any course you desire to take. We cannot register you without an application. Any course that is two or more months away will almost always have cancellations. Nearly all classes contain 25-50% of people who were originally on a standby list.



  • Room and board at the school will be furnished to any MEBA member while satisfactorily enrolled and attending a course.
  • There is no room fee for a member's spouse or registered guest  while staying in the same room with the member. However, there is a charge per day if an additional room is required.
  • Arrival time for a course is no earlier than noon Sunday before the course.
  • Departure time after a course is no later than 1500 on the day of course graduation.
  • There is a charge for meals for spouses, guests, and children. Please inquire at the Administration Office for current pricing.



Neither credit for completion of any course nor any allowances will be given to a student until all loaned materials are returned and any monies owed the school have been paid in full.

Loaned materials include:

  • books and equipment used in the course
  • overdue equipment loaned to complete correspondence courses

Monies owed include but are not limited to:

  • examination fees
  • bookstore purchases
  • boat damage assessment
  • boat fuel