CMES COVID-19 Policy



CMES COVID-19 Questionnaire and Orientation Protocols (PDF)



The Calhoon MEBA Engineering School (CMES) has developed the following procedures in response to the COVID-19 sickness. Employees and students are expected to assist the Administration’s implementation of this plan. The goal is to prevent the incursion of the disease onto the CMES campus; and, if present, thwart its transmission among faculty, students, and staff.


Screening Procedures / Policies

Each employee returning to work or any student arriving for a training, must self‐screen his/her health condition. Students are sent a questionnaire as part of the registration/confirmation process. Routine procedures; which are subject to federal, state, and local government orders may include:

  • Checking employees and students for fever - refusal to participate results in not being allowed to enter the office, attend classes, or stay on campus. If a fever is present when tested:
    • The student is instructed to return home or to his/her place of lodging await further instructions from the CMES Administration.
    • The employees is instructed return home and await instructions from his/her supervisor or the MEBA Benefit Plans HR Office.
  • In the absence of fever, but exhibiting obvious symptoms of COVID‐19 as listed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the student or employee is instructed to complete a screening questionnaire. Based on the answers to the questionnaire:
    • The student might be instructed to return to his/her place of lodging until symptoms subside or pass or return home.
    • The employee might be instructed return home and await instructions from his/her supervisor or the MEBA Benefit Plans HR Office. The employee might also be assigned a work station or location remote to other staff and students.


Formal Testing

Subject to availability, CMES advocates for sanctioned/approved COVID-19 testing if a student or employee experiences symptoms. If the test result is positive for COVID‐19, the employee or student is obligated to inform the CMES Administration immediately. This situation initiate actions; which at a minimum includes notifying each employee and/or student presumed to have been placed at risk, and advising each to self-quarantine for a period of time as recommended by the CDC.



The manner by which self-quarantine is implemented is based on unique factors impacting each student and/or employee. Among these factors are: dorm occupancies and vacancies, transportation mode of the affected student, domestic/at home health situation.


Return to Campus

Lacking COVID-19 diagnostic resources and following a quarantine period established by CDC guidelines, the employee or student may emerge from isolation if:

  • Asymptomatic as defined by the CDC.
  • Presents two consecutive-negative COVID-19 tests 24 hours apart.