CMES Accommodation Policy


The CMES is committed to complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other laws applicable to individuals with disabilities and providing reasonable accommodation for students in accordance with these laws. It is the CMES’ policy to:

  1. Ensure that students with disabilities are treated in a nondiscriminatory manner.
  2. Ensure that all requests for medical accommodations and fitness for duty clearances are made in accordance with applicable laws, as well as ensure that all medical-related information is kept confidential in accordance with the requirements of the ADA and applicable state or local laws. If any student feels that their confidentiality has been breached, we ask that the student report this to the CMES Director or Plans HR Manager immediately. We take such concerns very seriously.
  3. Reasonably accommodate students with disabilities as defined by applicable law, except where such an accommodation is unreasonable, would not otherwise eliminate a direct threat to the student or others, or would otherwise create an undue hardship on the CMES. Reasonable accommodations may include, but are not limited to, making existing facilities readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities, acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, provision of qualified readers or interpreters, appropriate adjustment or modification of examinations, training materials or policies, and modified schedules. If you have a medical condition that is limiting and you believe you need a reasonable accommodation to overcome those limitations, you should contact the CMES Director to request an accommodation at least two business days prior to arrival at the CMES, or as soon as reasonably practicable.
  4. Notify individuals with covered disabilities that the CMES provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities, by including this policy on the CMES’ website and within the student’s orientation materials.

This policy governs all aspects of student enrollment, attendance, and classroom training. The CMES reserves the right to approve other non-disability accommodations when advance notice is presented for consideration and advisement at least two business days prior to a student’s arrival at the CMES.