Admission Procedures for Online Courses



All submitted course applications are processed in the order they are received. Should a company, military, or government agency sponsor the minimum number of students required for a course, a special class will be conducted.

All questions pertaining to CMES online classes or admissions procedures for online classes should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

MEBA Members:

  • These courses are being made available to the MEBA membership as well as commercial customers. As such, everyone will be required to pay for the class(es) prior to admission. Upon successful completion of the class(es), eligible MEBA members will be reimbursed just as if they had taken a course at an approved alternate location.
  • Procedures for alternate location training approval and tuition reimbursement apply to online courses offered by CMES, and the Combined Application for Alternate Location Training and Reimbursement of Tuition Form (PDF) should be completed and submitted.  However, for CMES online courses, the form is to be completed and submitted after completion of the online course.
  • Applications for online courses do not count against the yearly maximum number of classes you are eligible to take physically at CMES.



Advanced payment is required to reserve space in CMES online classes. Full payment must be made during the registration process through Paypal.

  • Crowd Control - $250
  • Crisis Management - $375
  • Maritime Resource Management - $2,400
  • Radar Observer Recertification - $225
  • Visual Communications (Flashing Light) - $150


Anyone needing to cancel out of an online class must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  In the body of the email, please give your name as it appeared on your application form and the class for which you applied.

  • Full refunds will be given if the cancellation notice is received at least four (4) business days prior to the scheduled course start date.  No refunds will be given after the deadline.
  • "No show" and/or students not completing the course, including the final exam, are subject to the full registration fee.

CMES reserves the right to cancel courses as necessary.  Please note that CMES may cancel a course if the minimum number of students is not achieved. If CMES cancels a course, course fees will be refunded in full.


If the course you applied for is not full and all eligibility requirements have been met, you will be registered for that course.  If the course is full, you will be placed on a standby waiting list for that course.  After your course application has been processed, you will receive via email a confirmation of enrollment.

  • CMES will ONLY accept applications for online courses through the electronic applications submitted via the CMES website - links to all applications are available on the Admissions and Registration for Online Courses page. Applications for online courses received in any other manner will be discarded with no notice given to the student.
  • A separate application must be submitted for each desired course.  Please fill out the application completely.  Missing information will delay registration for the desired class.


Credit for course completion will not be given to a student until all course requirements have been met and any monies owed to CMES have been paid in full.