2019 Course Schedule

This three week course has an intended audience of those individuals at the technical-management level with responsibilities for marine maintenance and/or port engineering duties.  This course is designed to prepare those individuals currently working as port engineers, or those individuals looking to pursue a port engineer position.

This course of instruction offers the following instructional topics:

  • Engineering
  • Contracting and Shipyard Organizations
  • Preparing for a Maintenance Period
  • Engineering Administrration for an Availability Period
  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Weld Process/Procedures, and Inspection
  • Dry Docking
  • Propulsion System Alignment
  • Corrosion, Surface Prep, Coatings, and Inspection
  • Contract Closeout
  • Shipyard Safety


* CMES has partnered with BMT Designers & Planners, Inc. to offer the Port Engineers / Marine Maintenance course.