2018 Course Schedule

This two-week course will provide marine officers with the basic knowledge for safe and efficient transportation of LNG and other liquefied gases. This course is an USCG prerequisite for employment aboard LNG carriers. Comprehensive lecture and computer-based cargo handling simulator training will include: LNG science, engineering systems, cargo systems, ship/shore interfaces, rules and regulations, and safety. This class complies with the IMO and USCG requirements for a liquefied gases PIC (Person In Charge) course.


Course Capacity: 12 students

Prerequisites: None

Special Requirements: None

USCG Approval: Any applicant who has successfully completed the Tank Ship Liquefied Gases (MEBAMD-508) course will satisfy the training requirements of Section A-V/1-2 and Tables A-V/1-2-1 and A-V/1-2-2 of the STCW Code, as amended, and of 46 CFR Part 13.107, 13.109, or 13.120 for any original or renewal Tankerman Person-in-Charge (LG) endorsement.