Proficiency Testing Information and Registration



CMES offers three ways for MEBA members to complete the Maersk proficiency tests. Tests may be taken either at the school or through your local Prometric Testing Center. The Computer Applications proficiency test is also available online through the CMES website.

Students must achieve a 70% to pass a written exam. While you will be given two attempts to pass the test, you must receive at least a 60% on the first attempt to be eligible to take the second attempt.

Please Note: These proficiency tests are available to MEBA members only.

  • Successful completion of any proficiency test will give the member credit towards their Maersk training requirements.
  • NO course certificate or other form of endorsement will be issued.



Members may register to take written proficiency exams for Diesel Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Instrumentation, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and Refrigeration at their local Prometric Testing Center.  Students must complete the application form requesting to take an exam - the link to the form may be found below. Members must submit a separate application form for each proficiency test they want to take.

Within three (3) business days, they will receive an email confirmation with the information required to take a test at Prometric. Upon receiving the confirmation email, students must go to the Prometric website to schedule their exam.

  • Any questions pertaining to scheduling exams or locating testing centers must be directed to Prometric.
  • Please direct any other questions concerning proficiency testing through Prometric to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Students will be notified by CMES of their test results.

The HAZMAT and Computer Applications proficiency tests will not be offered through Prometric.

  • The HAZMAT test will only be offered at CMES due to the use of reference books during the test.
  • The Computer Applications test is offered at CMES and through the CMES website (see additional information in the sections below).

Prometric Testing Application Form



MEBA Members may take any of the proficiency tests while they are at CMES. Testing is scheduled once a week, usually on Wednesdays after class. Students are allowed to take one test per testing session. Additional test sessions may be offered if staff is available.

Since the Welding and Machine Shop proficiencies are hands-on, they will only be offered at CMES. These two tests are generally offered every Tuesday after class.

If you wish to take a proficiency test while attending a class at the school, please go to the Administration Office to obtain and turn in a Proficiency Test form.



The Computer Applications proficiency test is available online through the CMES website. This is, however, the only proficiency test available in this format. As with all other proficiency tests, you will be given two attempts to pass. A 70% is needed to achieve a passing grade. Study materials may be found on the test website through various links to other websites.

If you wish to take the Computer Applications proficiency test online, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for further information and instructions.



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